What if Sony’s So-Called ‘PlayStation Orbis’ Really Does Kill Used Games?


Here we go again: There’s a new next-PlayStation rumor out, and like most early-days scuttlebutt, it’s full of stuff no one cares about (or ought to, anyway), like the system’s name. “Orbis.” There you go, look it up if you must. It’s the name of a Doctor Who audio play, a quarterly journal of foreign affairs, a Polish hotel chain, an alt-history novel by Scott Mackay and appears in the title of one of my favorite Borges short stories. Trying to back-trace Sony’s marketing rationale, whatever the name turns out to be, may be the Dumbest Thing Ever. After all, no one buys game systems based on their names. Look at the Wii.

What’s under the hood? I wish we’d stop worrying about this stuff, but for the sake of those genuinely curious (and not playing the “who’s more powerful” game), it sounds like “Orbis” is looking to use…

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