Hairdressing Legend Vidal Sassoon Passes Away

Hairdressing Legend Vidal Sassoon Passes Away

BTC is sad to report that legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon died. He passed away in his home after a battle with leukemia with his family by his side. WE WILL FOREVER MISS YOU VIDAL!

Vidal loved the poet Rumi. This one is for you dear friend…

Why does the soul not fly
When it hears the call?

Why does a fish, gasping for land, but near the water,
Not move back into the sea?

What keeps us from joining the dance
That dust particle do?

Look at their subtle motion
In the sunlight

We are out of our cages
With our wings spread
Yet we do not lift off

We keep collecting bits of rocks and poetry like children
Pretending they are merchants

We should split the sack
of this culture
And stick our heads out

Look around
Leave your childhood

Reach your right hand up
And take this book from the air.
You do know right from left don’t you?

A voice speaks to your clarity
Move into the moment of your death
Consider what you truly want

Now call out commands yourself
You are the king. Phrase your question
And expect the grace of an answer

Vidal, you were the king. You followed your dream and by doing so you allowed so many more to follow theirs! Rest in peace.
—Mary xoxo

Please take a moment to remember Vidal with us; share your thoughts and memories in the comments below.


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