Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kim Kimble, Debuts ‘LA Hair’ on

May 31, 2012 1 Comment
Drama and expertise meet in go-to stylist’s Hollywood salon

*Hollywood celebrity stylist, Kim Kimble, is well known around the industry, due to having earned the status of go-to stylist for high-profile celebs such as Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Beyonce’ and others.  Her expertise in “all things hair” have made her a household name among A-Listers when it comes it comes to preparing for Tinsel Town special occasions.

Now, to add even more wattage to her hard earned brilliance, Kimble is joining the fray of  reality TV.

“L.A. Hair,” which is set in Kimble’s popular Hollywood salon, will made its debut on WE tv Thursday night.  The intended focus of “LA Hair” is the awe-inspiring artistry of Kim Kimble, her “frenemy” and fellow stylist mother, Jasmine, along with her staff: Angela, Dontay,Terry & China.  But with all those creative personalities, then throw in a drama-prone assistant, Anthony, and a clueless receptionist, Charity, you get just what reality shows typically serve up:  DRAMA.  It finds its way to the spotlight, giving viewers the can’t-look-away shenanigans they crave.

Dontay Savoy, Angela Christine Stevens, Anthony Pazos, KIm Kimble, Jasmine Kimble, China, Terry Hunt attend WE tv’s launch party for Kim Kimble’s new reality series “LA Hair” at Kimble Hair Studio on May 29, 2012 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Wise/PictureGroup)

EUR spoke with Kim Kimble about how she started,  the show’s drama and her celebrity clients, as well as what she wants the takeaway to be despite the inevitable reality show chaos and disorder.

EUR: How did you become the go-to celebrity hair stylist in LA?

Kim Kimble: I worked on a play, “The Five Heartbeats,” which introduced me to Robert Townsend and from that I was hired on my first film called “BAPS,” because I knew how to do all those crazy styles and they hired me to do that.  So, I kept getting jobs in television and film and eventually went on to work with Beyonce on “Carmen: A Hip Hopera”  and from that point on, working with her helped catapult my name. People took notice of the work I did on her.

EUR: Your experiences have led to you to owning your own salon, as well as now a reality show.  How has that changed the atmosphere in the shop?

KK: They’re used to seeing celebrities come in there, they’re used to seeing cameras. We’ve done, not reality, but morning shows and other events at the salon.  Our stylists and clients are used to that high glamour, high celebrity lifestyle at the salon and they’re excited about the show.

EUR: Will we see much about the hair, or will the drama eclipse the art?

KK: We did a ton of makeovers,  a ton of hair, and also there are quick little tips on the website.   You’ll see Shari Headley, Kym Whitley, Brandy, Monica, Omarosa … when you see us in the salon, you actually get to see more, because the celebs are in the raw. Kelly [Rowland] was actually being prepped for a shoot that day [and episode you saw her on].

EUR: And then there’s the drama…

KK: Hair salons have always been places of constant drama.  We try our best to make it a good business and lead by example and what we want is for people to be inspired, to learn more about hair stylists, what they do and get a little sneak peek into the industry, because people think it’s easy being a celebrity stylist and everybody wants to be one.  So, OK, you get to see a little bit of, ‘OK, it’s not as glamorous at it looks,’  but it is a great industry to be in and I work with some of the best people in the world and I love my job, so I thought it would be interesting to see that side of the business. And if I can inspire other young entrepreneurs coming up, it’s educational.  I want people to learn from it and be inspired.

EUR: How do you manage the gossip in a professional environment with celebrity relationships at stake?

KK: I have a list of rules and I manage people.  I sit down and I tell them how I want things to be done.  Although, I didn’t raise them, they’re grown people, but you will see in the show that when people break the rules, there will be consequences.  I run it just like I run a business, but if we fired somebody every time they do something wrong, then we’d have a huge turnover of hair stylists.  People are people and hair stylists are very creative, artistic people, so they are different.  They are divas and very competitive…and working with celebrities is even more competitive.

EUR: There was an incident where Omarosa was spoken ill of on camera by your employee, won’t that jeopardize the relationship once it airs?

KK: These are grown people and Anthony is a little dramatic and he was offended, she offended him, so he was very upset.  So, all I could do was calm him down.  What I was really trying to get from him was what happened and why was he upset, and he told me that she offended him.  He had gotten his hair pulled that day.  He was already feeling a little out of place being the light-skinned [white] stylist in the salon, so I’m very sensitive to him.  I let him know, you never offend a client, the client is always right, but of course I don’t condone clients abusing stylists either, so when I find a situation like that, I have to address it.

EUR: You give away tips and secrets on the show, do you feel that takes away from what you do?

KK: I’m blessed.  God gives me new ideas all the time, so I probably got five new ones just now.  I educate a lot.  I go out and teach classes.  I believe you have to give to be blessed, so it’s important to me to share.  I’m constantly educating my clients because they need to know how to maintain their hair when they go home.

EUR: You work with your mother who’s trying to tell you how to do things. Does that make it difficult when you’re trying to do your thing?

KK: Well, I’ll be honest with you, she’s been doing this a lot longer than me, so her experience is key and I learn a lot from her.  I understand that she’ll always know more than me, because she’s mom and she was first.  That’s my mom, she’s just like that, an opinionated virgo, but I do respect her for her knowledge.

EUR: You revealed things about your relationship with your mother that were very private.  Any regrets?

KK: I thought it was important to reveal that, because you see other women on reality TV who may have had addiction issues and they still have them, but my mom has overcome them. We had issues because of that that were real, because I was raised in her addiction, but I admire her because she was able to come out of that and I’m actually proud of that, so it has helped us, because we deal with it and it taught me something and it taught her something.

EUR: Who’s your most recent celebrity client?

KK:  Brandy has new stuff coming up, she has a new album, a new video coming up that we’ll be working on….I’ll focus on texture, it’ll be very editorial, it’ll look edgier.  She’s very daring at this point. she’s very different.  I worked with her on the “Never Say Never” album and she had braids back then and I was trying to evolve her out of the braids, but that was part of her brand, part of her look at the time and now she’s very open and adventurous.

“L.A. Hair” airs Thursday nights on WE tv at 9 pm PST/EST.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kim Kimble, Debuts ‘LA Hair’ on

  1. Hi Kim, I’m so proud of your endeavors! I hope you don’t mine me asking you where do you purchase your hair and celebrity’s hair from? I from New York. I would love for you to style my hair personally. I know you are a very business woman, if it is possible could you please respond back to me by email. I really would appreciate it!

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