Dennis Rodman’s Also Got Baby Mama and Court Problems in Florida

dennis rodman*Dennis Rodman is a certified trouble magnet. Earlier this week a judge was sentenced him to 104 hours of community service Tuesday on four counts of contempt for failing to pay child support.

He was also placed on three years of informal probation and he is ordered to pay up on current child and spousal support obligations.

Now news comes from South Florida, via Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, that he’s got problems with the man in that state, too.

While retired NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman’s child support entanglements are getting more serious in California, Broward County’s court system is turning the heat on him as well.

Actually, his lawyer here is hoping Rodman will manage to stay out of California jails long enough for a June 8 court appearance in Fort Lauderdale where the tallhead is scheduled to face more baby mama drama!

And the only way he’ll stay out of the slammer for the next three years is if he makes future payments on time – and comes up with more than $800,000 in back child support.

Rodman, however, is facing a hearing similar to Monday’s, only this time it’s in Fort Lauderdale.

Here, he is accused of owing “just” $200,000-plus to an ex-galpal with whom he had a son.


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