Evelyn Admits Missing Jen (Video)

jennifer williams & evelyn lozada*Evelyn is on a mission it seems to redeem her bad reputation for being the drama queen of the world.

After “Basketball Wives” co-star Royce Reed called her out on the girlfriend code, Evelyn actually agreed she crossed the line (watch below).

In an interview with VIBE, the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco admitted she regretted how she handled the beef between she and her former BFF.

“A lot was happening during that time. I’m one of those people, I said some things and I was just like, that was not cool. I live by loyalty and I feel like, at that point, I broke the friend code. I should have never broken that code and I should have never stooped down to that level. Like, if she wants to do interviews and slick comments, it is what it is. I don’t hate her. People just get caught up in this industry; you do interviews and say certain things. I truly don’t wish her anything negative, we’ve gone through a lot together as friends from moving out, men drama, all types of stuff. It’s just tough having to relive it then talk about it. You never have that time for healing. But now that the show is done and things are calming down, I’m not angry anymore about it and I don’t hate her at all. I don’t really hate anybody, I was just upset how things were handled.”

She also admitted she misses her friendship with Jen, saying that they were friends for 10 years and had seen so much together. But now things are definitely tough, especially because they have a lot of the same friends.



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