Pat Houston Could be Out of Her League Handling Whitney’s Estate

bobbi kristina & pat houston

Bobbi Kristina and Pat Houston

*Now that the funeral has happened and the immediate grief of her passing has subsided, Whitney Houston’s estate is up for grabs and could cause problems among family members.

Just as Michael Jackson’s estate brought on a ton of controversy, the same is true for the late diva.

Insiders say putting a family member in charge could generate issues. (You hear that Pat Houston and Houston family?) The way it should be done is the way Michael Jackson’s estate is being handled.


“If Michael’s estate had left control to a family member, it would have been a disaster. These matters need to be handled by trained professionals and lawyers, not someone that married your brother,” a music manager told The Huffington Post columnist Naughty But Rob, referring to Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager, Pat Houston.

She has been taking the lead lately. At the recent Billboard Music Awards, Pat, along with Bobbi Kristina, accepted the Millennium Award on behalf of the late superstar. She’s also the brains behind coming reality show, “Houston Family Chronicles.”

A family insider observed that Pat appears to be making this her moment after being in the “shadows” of Whitney.

“But she needs to be careful about what she wishes for. As Whitney knew too well, being famous and all that it brings isn’t always good.”

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