May 15th, 2012 – By Jouelzy




Everyone has a bad hair day. You wake up in the morning and your hair just won’t lay right. Of course, you need to be out the door to work, school, or an appointment and your hair is telling you that it doesn’t care about your timeliness. The frustration of bad hair days is real. But regardless of your hair type or texture there are some quick fixes that can help you navigate your hair’s bad timing.

1. Keep it simple, bun it up.
Simplicity is key and a bun ‘do is the essential quick fix to a bad hair day, whether straight/relaxed or natural. Use a small amount of water to smooth the back of your hair into a ponytail, and spritz your hair with water (add a dash of essential oils to keep it healthy), and also smooth the hair down with your hands. If you have pressed your hair straight then obviously you want to stay away from the water; simply pull your hair back into a ponytail. Use a weighted cream, like whipped Shea butter, or gel to help smooth your hair down and tie a silk scarf around the front of your hair. Keep this on for as long as possible to smooth down your hair and create a sleek look. If your hair is long enough, you can pin your ponytail, with bobby pins, into a bun. If you need added length for the bun, useMarley hair (for the naturals) or jumbo brand Kanekalon hair (for the relaxed/straight), to pin down around your ponytail into a bun. Voila!


2. The emergency wig
A definite essential is the go-to wig for when you’re in a crunch. Whether a half wig or lace front, having one wig that can help you out on a bad hair day is a great option. For a curly hair look, Creta Girl is a great half wig option for around $22 (depending where you buy it from). It’s a half wig that can be easily blended with your hair regardless of texture. The Tori lacefront wig by Freetress is a popular straight hair look that can save any bad hair day.


3. Braid it up
No, not individual braids. Think more of a modern French braid. If you have shoulder length hair you can do a loose braid a la Katniss from The Hunger Games that swipes around to your opposite shoulder. Rather than doing a braid going straight back, try braiding your hair to the side. Any texture can braid in extra hair to add length. Not good at braiding? Do a large twist and use bobby pins to secure it down. But do get creative.



4. Headbands and wraps to the rescue
Headbands and head wraps are great styling tools, especially on the bad hair day for women with short hair. You can fold down a decorative scarf to create a headband or use an old-school simple headband that fits your style. Change a frizzy ponytail into a sleek look by tying a folded scarf around the front of your hair. Slick down your short relaxed hair and add a decorative headband to give it a bit of flair. If you can get away with it, turbans are a great option as well. There are mature and stylish options for headbands/scarves that are quite inexpensive.

5. Exhale
This is the most important tip. Take a step back, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Don’t get overly frustrated with your hair that you end up late to work with a bad attitude or that you start tugging, tangling and tearing that uncooperative hair up. Hair shouldn’t ruin your day. A little bit of patience can go a long way and give you the creative idea that saves you from a bad hair day. You know your hair best. Inhale, exhale and make it work.

Jouelzy offers tutorials on all aspects of Black hair care via her YouTube channel, focusing on women with tight budgets. You can also find her daily hair tips and inspirations on Facebook.


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