EUR Perspective: The Color Returns

*We’ve got some good news for fans of sketch comedy – the great “In Living Color” is coming back to Fox this fall, shepherded once again by Keenan Ivory Wayans.
There couldn’t possibly be a better time for a new incarnation of this show; with Saturday Night Live suffering through another down year and losing most of its talent to the movie industry, the time is right for a new, fresh sketch comedy show.
Here’s hoping the new “In Living Color” can fill that void, just as it did during the show’s first run in the early 1990s. We forget how revolutionary that show was over its too-brief run, introducing the world to comedic talents like Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and Damon Wayans – talents on the level of anything “Saturday Night Live” ever produced.
So, before the new “In Living Color” comes on the air, we remember the first version with our picks for the greatest “Color” sketches of all time:
· Damon Wayans as Richard Pryor – In Living Color’s most hilarious moment from one of its most talented performers, as Damon Wayans perfectly captures Richard Pryor’s scaredy-cat film career mannerisms in this “Scared for no Reason” sketch. Impersonation doesn’t get any better than this.
· Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice – Carrey helped to push the stake into the heart of Ice’s short lived career with this over-the-top image parody. His unparalleled gift for physical comedy – the kicked shoe, the I’m-a-little-teapot dance move – portrayed Ice as the joke that he was.
· Karate instructor – Pure, goofy, bloody fun in this sketch, as Jim Carrey’s arrogant karate instructor proves to be absolutely terrible at his job.
· Keenan Ivory Wayans as Arsenio Hall – Keenan’s uncanny imitation of Arsenio viciously captured and exaggerated all of the traits that made the talk show host into a shooting star that flamed out as quickly as he rose – from the name-dropping good-buddy manner of his interviews to the oversized index finger and posterior.
· Homey D. Clown – The funniest recurring character on the show was Wayans’ cynical, street-wise clown, fond of beating people with a sock filled with tennis balls.
· Tommy Davidson as MC Hammer – A sketch specifically satirizing Hammer’s oversized pants, so big that Davidson falls into them. Surprisingly, it ages pretty well.
· Louis Farrakhan in Star Trek: The Wrath of Farrakhan – Carrey’s Captain Kirk is brilliant, but it’s Wayans’ spot –on Farrakhan that makes this sketch.



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