7 New Updos to Try on Your Clients

Have you fallen in an updo rut? Find yourself making the same twists, turns and coifs? Put the teasing comb down, it’s time for an updo intervention. To help, we looked at the upstyles from the 2012 Met Gala, picked out the best and have all the how-tos to reignite your updo creativity. Read on, refuel and recharge!

Emma Stone’s Tousled Updo
When creating Emma Stone’s look, stylist Mara Roszak knew she was working with a young, vivacious starlet wearing a young, vivacious gown—so the hair had to match perfectly. Describing the look as “doll-like,” Mara kept her look feminine yet playful with a flirtatious and modern, loose bun and side-swept bangs.

The pro: Mara Roszak

1. Apply Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter evenly throughout damp hair volume.
2. Blow-dry the hair with a medium-sized bore bristle brush then apply Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust to the roots for extra texture, volume and hold.
3. Gather hair at the top of the head in a ponytail. Secure it with an elastic, allowing the front and side pieces around the hairline to loosely fall out for a wispy, feminine look.
4. With a soft brush or comb, gently tease the roots of the ponytail for more volume.
5. Loosely pin the hair into an undone bun shape.
6. Gently sweep bangs across the forehead, securing them to the side with a hair accessory.
7. Finish with Matrix Total Results Amplify Hairspray and Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie Shine Shake Spray.

Marion Cotillard’s Edgy Twist
While she normally wears soft, romantic looks, Marion Cotillard’s style went to new territory at the Met Gala. Inspired by the sci-fi thriller Blade Runner, her French twist is modernized with the help of deconstructed texture and short bangs.

The pro
: Moroccanoil Global Brand Ambassador Robert Vetica
1. Blow-dry hair until smooth. Use a large round brush for natural volume.
2. Pull all hair back into a loose French twist
3. With your fingers, scrunch and deconstruct the texture of the twist and pin the effect in place
4. Spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong on the entire style for natural-looking hold.

Elizabeth Banks Sky-High Chignon
Big is in this year. Instead of the perfectly pristine chignon, take a note from celebrity stylist Thomas Dunkin and go for broke with a volume that can’t possible go unnoticed, like Elizabeth Banks’ voluminous updo.

The pro: Thomas Dunkin for Sebastian Professional
1. Apply a generous amount of Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray to the roots of the hair and a liberal amount of Sebastian Professional Potion 9 to the lengths of the hair.
2. Blow-dry the hair with a round brush and put each section into pin curls. Once the entire head is pinned, leave it to cool.
3. Once cooled, remove the pins and brush fingers through the hair to loosen the waves.
4. Use fingers to pull the hair back, leaving as much volume as possible, and pull it into a ponytail before twisting it into a nice, clean chignon. For a touch of red carpet glamour, secure the chignon with a brooch.
5. For added shine and a light hold, spritz the finished look with Sebastian Professional Trilliant.

Uma Thurman’s Half-Up Style
With a baby on the way, Ms. Thurman is positively glowing. To accompany her natural glow and her gorgeous lavender gown, celebrity stylist David Babaii created a half-updo look. According to David,IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Purity Design Line is great to use on pregnant clients as it uses only the purest forms of botanicals—so your clients can get styled, safely.

The pro:
 celebrity stylist David Babaii
1. Shampoo and condition with IT&LY Pure Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Apply a small amount of IT&LY Pure Water Dropsto naturally hydrate and add shine to the hair.
3. Next, apply IT&LY Pure Style Mousse Strong for hold and volume, paying more attention to the roots and ends.
4. After blow drying with a large round brush at the root area for lift, switch to a large paddle brush to smooth the rest of the hair.
5. When dry, make a deep side part and set the hair with White Sands Velcro Strips(instead of conventional hot rollers), spraying each section with IT&LY Pure Texture.
6. When the hair has set, remove the Velcro Strips and gently brush the hair, taking in the sides and top to create a half-up/half-down look.
7. Secure with a decorative clip and mist with finishing spray.

Lily Collins’ Braided Updo
Actress Lily Collins is a rising star both on screen and in terms of style: this updo is the proof! She paired a flowly, lace Valentino gown with a soft and romantic braided updo. It’s age-appropriate, on-trend and, might we add, totally chic.

The pro: Thomas Dunkin for Sebastian Professional
1. Apply Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam to the lengths of damp hair and spray Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray to the roots.
2. Blow-dry the hair straight using a large round brush, creating as much volume and root lift as possible.
3. Once dry, create two braids, one on each side of the forehead, braiding towards the back of the head. Make sure the braids are loose as this will maintain the soft volume needed for this look.
4. Use fingers to gently backcomb the remaining unbraided section for extra lift through the top and added texture.
5. Twisted the three sections of hair together and pin them into a very loose chignon.
6. Finish with a light spritz of Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce.

Mary Kate Olsen Romantic Updo
Messy updos are a major do this year, and Mary Kate Olsen’s look is a great example. Celebrity stylist Charley Brown gave Mary Kate a feather-light, romantic updo; we love how the extra pieces give the look wind-swept, dramatic appeal. “With the complex combination of strong tailoring and romantic drapery of Mary Kate’s custom gown, her hair had to have the same complexity and impact that combined angelic romance with strength and simplicity,” Charley says.

The pro: celebrity stylist Charley Brown
1. Start by washing the hair with Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Wella Professionals Enrich Treatment Mask to restore a healthy look to the hair
2. Coat wet hair with Wella Professionals Stay Brilliant Color Protecting Lotion, then blow-dry using a diffuser for maximum texture
3. Once the hair is dry, separate the hair into four equal triangle-shaped sections
4. Mix Wella Professionals Create Character Texturizing Spray with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray in palms and separately pat down each section
5. Shake out each section for maximum volume before crossing all sections to the top point, twisting and folding all of the hair into a knotted bun secured with hair pins
6. Rub the silhouette of the hairline to bring out the baby hairs and intentional flyaway’s to give an essence of simple romance
7. Lastly, spray a halo of Wella Professionals Stay Firm Finishing Spray to keep all those soft hairs and loose textures in place.

Alexa Chung’s ’60s ‘Do
Alexa Chung
 is one of the style icons of our generation, and her ’60s-inspired hair look proves it. Wearing a 1960’s-inspired Marc Jacobs paneled leather dress, Sebastian Professional stylist Diego Da Silvawanted to enhance the ’60s vibe with a shorter haired, rock n’ roll Brigitte Bardot style.

The pro: Sebastian Professional stylist Diego Da Silva.
The how-to:
1. Wash hair with Sebastian Professional Light Shampoo and Conditioner for lightweight conditioning and enhanced softness.
2. Apply Sebastian Professional Texturizer to the roots of damp hair for added lift and use a round brush to blow-dry.
3. With a fine tooth comb, backcomb the roots and then use a brush to soften the appearance.
4. Loosely pull the hair back into a half ponytail leaving the face-framing fringe flowing in front, and secure with bobby pins.
5. Spritz Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper for lasting hold.

Flamboyage Divas” Collection and Color Formulas by Davines’ Angelo Seminara

True beauty is timeless. The confidence of the diva is abiding. Decade after decade, vixens have captivated. Here, nuanced copper, peach, tobacco, sand and honey tones—created with Davines Flamboyage Meche—evoke the ambiance of turn-of-the-century allure. At the same time, the shapes celebrate the free-spirited flapper of the ’20s, the newly-liberated woman of the ’60s and the devilish punk of the ’80s. It’s a dive mash-ip form multiple eras reflecting both the evolution and the perpetual presence of a woman impossible to forget.  

Natural base: Level 5

Step 1
Take diagonal sections of 1-2 cm starting from the side, alternating the two color formulas:

A) FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 20g Mask 10,01 + 30g Activation Source 40 vol.

B) FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 20g L’Art Decolor Bleaching Paste + 20g Activation Source 30 vol. + 10g L’Art Decolor Brown Toner.

Processing time: 40 minutes – check visually.

Step 2
When both sides are finished, continue coloring with the same method the top of the head starting from the fringe with the lightest color.

Step 3
On the back outline of the haircut, color some of the hair with a comb to soften the line.

Natural base: Level 4 

Step 1
Apply the color on the top of the head alternating this two color formulas:

A) FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 40g L’Art Decolor Bleaching Paste + 40g Activation Source 30 vol. + 15g L’Art Decolor Yellow Toner + 5g L’Art Decolor Red Toner.

B) FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 20g Mask CPS 1.0 + 35g Activation Source 10 vol.

Apply the B formula mainly on the root area to give nice deepness.

Step 2
Start at the back taking horizontal sections, begin from the nape area applying the C formula: FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 40g L’Art Decolor Bleaching Paste + 40g Activation Source 7 vol. + 20g L’Art Decolor Yellow Toner.

Processing time: 40 minutes – check visually.

Step 3
Apply the same formula on the side taking horizontal sections.

Natural base: Level 7

Step 1
Apply all over the head: 50g Mask 8,4 + 75g Activation Source 10 vol.

Processing time: 30 minutes. *NOT TRADITIONAL USE

Step 2
Wash the hair and after rinsing apply using FLAMBOYAGE MECHE + 40g L’Art Decolor Bleaching Paste + 40g Activation Source 7 vol. + 15g L’Art Decolor Brown Toner + 5g L’Art Decolor Yellow Toner.

Follow the natural parting and apply the FLAMBOYAGE MECHE with the colour formula onboth side.

Processing time: 20 minutes – check visually up to the desired result.

Step 3
Wash the hair with Alchemic Copper Shampoo and apply 2/3 Alchemic Golden Conditioner + 1/3 Alchemic Copper Conditioner to enhance the copper reflects.

Processing time: 5 minutes


Hair: Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director
Color Specialist: Edoardo Paludo, Davines International Creative Color Ambassador
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup: Anita Keeling
Styling: Georgie Macintrye

On Paper Keyword: colordavines

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